Solutions for intelligent distribution grids

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Solutions for intelligent distribution grids

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UNITED-GRID provides pathways for the future

Climate change, ageing energy systems, technological development and the wish to be energy independent are factors that drive change and development in the energy system.

An increased share of renewable energy, ongoing digitalisation and electrification are parameters where we get differences between markets.

The UNITED-GRID project objective is to develop technical solutions to serve needs and opportunities for distribution system operators (DSOs) in their electricity grids. The project, carried out from November 2017 to April 2021, has received funding from the European Commission’s framework programme Horizon 2020.

Environmental and climate threats require new solutions

The UNITED-GRID project can increase sustainability and use of renewable energy. The project’s outcome will be a major step toward the future’s fossil-free environment. The project develops solutions and structures that enable the growth of local energy communities with new actors small as well as large, thus creating both environmental benefits for Europe and economic advantages for end users.

Technology and energy market conditions change rapidly

UNITED-GRID rolls out the roadmap to future smart grid and micro grid solutions. Most distribution system operators (DSOs) are well aware that there will be changes in the grid. A major risk in this transformation is to end up with outdated and inflexible technical solutions. UNITED-GRID will be a guide and companion to DSOs in finding possible pathways for them to implement smart grids based on technical and regulatory factors as well as on their own, existing infrastructure.

UNITED-GRID will provide the necessary market solutions

We will offer innovative solutions for tomorrow’s intelligent grids, not in the distant future but as soon they are needed. The project will deliver an advanced distribution management system, ADMS, with tools and services that have commercial and technical potential to support new business models and technical system changes. At the end of the project technical solutions as well as new and accepted business models will be made available.

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Advanced functionalities

Advanced functionalities

Lucile Lemius, ATOS Worldgrid, explains the work with the UNITED-GRID tool-box and cross-platform integration for demonstrator sites.

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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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