Solutions for intelligent distribution grids

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Solutions for intelligent distribution grids

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The UNITED-GRID project was finalized in April 2021.

If you want to know more about the solutions or want to discuss future cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

New solutions for monitoring the grid

UNITED-GRID will provide an advanced measurement solution to help DSOs improve the operation of their grid. The solution is based on low voltage sensors and is being tested at three demo sites in three different countries.

The developed software framework is made using Smart State Technologys open platform concept, which will allow third-party developers to experiment, develop new algorithms, test and validate them using live streaming-data from the grid.

LV sensors in research and education

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology describe how they have used the sensors in UNITED-GRID. They also describe the future potential applications of the Smart State Technology’s LV sensors solutions in research and education.

LV sensors in 70 seconds

A brief presentation of the low voltage sensor, that makes it easier to locate faults in the grid.


Congestion forecast tool

We are developing a congestion forecast tool for the distribution system operators (DSOs) in order to assist them in forecasting voltage issues and network congestion. The tool also includes development of different visualization features which allows DSOs in identifying the exact location and severity of congestion.

Dashboard demonstration

Lucile Lemius, ATOS Worldgrid, demonstrates the dashboard, that visualizes the results of the advanced functionalities in the UNITED-GRID toolbox.

The United-Grid toolbox provides Distribution System Operators with services enabling them to ensure the security of the electrical grid and improve the quality of energy supply while coping with the multiple constraints and increasing complexity. The toolbox is based on the cloud and interact with the existing system of operators without disturbing it.


Webinar about advanced measurement solution

Webinar about advanced measurement solution

In this webinar you will see a live demonstration by Smart State Technology over their advanced measurement Sensor, Open Platform and Analytics dashboards installed at Enexis, Strijp-S, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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Webinar about optimising the grid in real-time

Webinar about optimising the grid in real-time

In this webinar, that was held on 3 November 2020, we demonstrate the UNITED-GRID toolbox. It has a unique dual approach, that will help DSOs to better manage their grid with advanced automized solutions and local supervision.

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Get a quick overview of the project by watching short video clips


Scenario descriptions for active distribution grid developments

This report presents the work of collecting near future scenarios (2025-2035) influencing the need and design of future intelligent distribution grids for different European markets: France, Netherlands and Sweden. The capabilities required by the DSOs to fulfil their obligations and requirements in the scenarios are elaborated.

Adaptive and continuous intrusion and anomaly detection for smart grid systems

This report contains an analysis of cyber-security related problems and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) as a viable solution for smart grids, especially in relation to the data streaming paradigm, which is a potential candidate to be the main data processing and handling mechanism in the next-generation power grid systems. 

Monitoring and support of developments in regulation, policy and standards

This report gives an overview of the latest developments in the European regulatory framework around energy and climate goals, electricity networks, smart grids, data protection and digitalisation based on literature study of the relevant regulatory documents. 

Cyber security workshop

Two workshops / conferences were organized within the scope of cyber security within UNITED-GRID. The workshop included several presentations, which touched security and state of the art data analysis paradigms such as data streaming, as well as a demonstration. The presentations were given by both members of the UNITED-GRID consortium as well as by other researchers from Chalmers University ot Technology, Sweden.

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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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