Solutions for intelligent distribution grids

UNITED-GRID aims to secure and optimise operation of the future intelligent distribution networks. The grids unprecedented complexity is caused by new distributed market actors along with emerging technologies such as renewable generation, energy storage, and demand resources.

The project will provide integrated cyber-physical solutions and exploit the opportunities provided by the new actors and technologies.

The core deliverable is the UNITED-GRID tool-box that could be “plugged in” to the existing Distribution Management System (DMS) via a cross-platform for advanced energy management, grid-level control and protection. This cross-platform allows interoperability from inverter-based Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) up to the distribution grid at the low and medium voltage levels, thus going beyond the state-of-the-art to optimise operation of the grid with real-time control solutions in a high level of automation and cyber-physical security.

The project has genuine ambitions to create impacts and to enhance the position of European member states in the development of smart grids.


The core elements in this quest are:
Proof-of-concept and demonstration

Developed UNITED-GRID tool-box and business models will be validated in real-life demonstration sites in Netherlands, France and Sweden which cover a majority of European market conditions. At the sites, UNITED-GRID will demonstrate the capabilities of intelligent distribution grids hosting more than 80% renewables by incorporating the advanced optimisation, control and protection tool-box, which are supported by real-time measurement systems.

Such technologies with Technology Readiness Level (TRL) in a range of 3-4 will be matured via the demonstrations up to TRL level 5-6 to address comprehensively compatibility and interoperability issues.


Upon request by directly involved stakeholders such as Distribution System Operator (DSOs), energy suppliers, UNITED-GRID will develop pathways that will step-by-step guide in the transition from the passive distribution grids of today to the active and intelligent distribution grids of tomorrow. The pathways incorporate technical as well as non-technical considerations such as cost-benefit, investments, business models, end-user privacy and acceptance.

Use and deployment

UNITED-GRID will nourish and firmly support the utilisation and exploitation of technologies, tools, and services in distribution grids by integrating the inherent innovation chain of the partners and their networks with European Community (EU) such as Knowledge and Innovation Community KIC InnoEnergy and Support Services for Exploitation of Research Results SSERR.

UNITED-GRID will secure freedom-to-operate and exploitation paths as well as project investments for the next TRL development beyond the project for the most promising solutions from technical and business perspectives. This will be realised by an agreed

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Work packages build the project

Eight work packages (WP) arranged in a work flow from market and policy recognition to state‐of art research & innovation, demonstration and preparation of market exploitation. read more 

News from the project

Throughout the UNITED-GRID project you will be able to follow work and results in news updates here on our website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and follow UNITED-GRID in social media. read more

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A strong consortium

The UNITED-GRID project partners have the talent, experience, demonstrators, infrastructure and networks and the ambition to reach the aspiring objectives. This is our consortium. read more

Project management model

The project is managed according to well‐established procedures but also has a couple of new features to meet  the rapid evolvement and changes in the smart grid environment.

The first novel approach is the Situation Analysis team. The team is permanent and consists of senior experts. They will advise the project management to take action based on external events affecting the energy sector such as politics, regulation and business models.

Secondly, the project runs dynamic reference groups during different phases of the project. They will focus on known and un‐known obstacles and opportunities.

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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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