Electrical distribution systems are becoming more complex and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in Europe will be facing several challenges in the next decade. They should host new market actors along with emerging technologies such as distributed renewable generation, energy storage and electric vehicles.

– One challenge is for example the increased amount of intermittent production from solar and wind. It could also be about electrification of the society in general, especially when it comes to transports, says Henrik Forsgren, senior project manager at Göteborg Energi in Sweden.

The distribution system operators (DSOs) need to prepare for a transition path from today´s traditional systems to future intelligent distribution systems by making strategic investments in network infrastructure, upgrading monitoring and control systems and introducing new business models.

Legislation and policy

The forthcoming energy transition will not only have impact on the technical requirements of the electrical distribution system, it will also affect the need for an effective legislation and policy landscape.

– I think there will be a future discussion about the role of the DSOs, says Henrik Forsgren.

He thinks there will be a need for support for the DSOs to handle the problems and opportunities that will occur.

– This is where UNITED-GRID comes in to the picture, since UNITED-GRID will develop a kind of support system for the DSOs in order to tackle these challenges that will come in the next 10-15 years.

You can read more about the work on pathways and scenarios in WP2

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Advanced functionalities

Advanced functionalities

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