IEEE Powertech 2019 – UNITED-GRID will host special session

Politecnico di Milano Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Milan, Italy

PowerTech is the anchor conference of the IEEE PES in Europe and provides a forum for researchers and engineers involved in electric power and energy engineering to share ideas and results. The conference main topics include: - System operation and control - Data science and ICT in power technologies - Innovative grids in energy hybrid systems […]

UPEC 2019

Bucharest Splaiul Independentei Street 313, Bucharest, Romania

54th International Universities Power Engineering Conference. Given the major challenges now facing the electrical power industry, and the energy sector in general, this conference provides an opportunity to address some of these challenges.

SEST 2019

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto Porto, Portugal


Bucharest Splaiul Independentei Street 313, Bucharest, Romania

The IEEE ISGT Europe conference is one of the two IEEE PES flagship conference organized in Europe. It focuses on industrial and manufacturing theory and applications for the wide use of information and communication technologies and integrated renewable and distributed energy resources on the electric grid.This year´s conference theme is “New Businesses for Energy Transition”.

CIRED Workshop 2020 Berlin

Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin, Germany Sonnenallee 225, Berlin, Germany

How to Implement Flexibility in the Distribution System?  Planning and operation of the grid must embrace flexibility, and in conjunction with existing tools also deploy the full set of flexibility tools – not as an exception but as the mainstream way of managing the grid. Tools like risk-based network planning, dynamic rating of assets, network […]

Webinar: Optimising the grid in real-time

A webinar where we demonstrate the UNITED-GRID toolbox. It has a unique dual approach, that will help DSOs to better manage their grid with advanced automized solutions and local supervision. It also offers high performance and processing capability, so the toolbox can embed any new solution or technology, even high demanding ones regarding performances such […]

Webinar: Advanced measurement solution

Distribution System Operators face several challenges in the near future. UNITED-GRID develops solutions that will optimise the grid in real-time and integration of advanced DSO support tools with existing management system. Welcome to a webinar where we demonstrate the advanced measurement solution installed at Strijp-S subtations (Enexis) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We will also discuss […]

Becoming active distribution managers

In this webinar, three different distribution system operators will explain how they include innovative grid modernization tools and new grid operator responsibilities in their own daily business as a necessary step to tackle future challenges. Depending on their needs, they implemented solutions to better manage the grid and improve observability, predictability and controllability, with different […]

UNITED-GRID’s solutions for future intelligent distribution grids and the ways forward

In this final online event of UNITED-GRID, we will first present a short summary of the developed solutions for advanced forecast, congestion management, real-time monitoring, control and protection for future intelligent distribution grids with high level of renewables. Next, the demonstration results of selected solutions, including Atos Codex Smart Edge Open Platform, will be presented […]

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