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The main objectives of the work package WP8 are two‐folded: (i) secure future exploitation and (ii) reach and influence selected stakeholders.

The exploitation objectives are:

  • Manage the exploitation activities strengthened and supported CEA (Commissariat A L Energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives, France) and KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) InnoEnergy innovation program and SSERR (Support Services for Exploitation of Research Results).
  • Assure continuation of the project solutions beyond the project life.
  • Gather intelligence for decision support including market, competitors and customers.
  • Have a detailed understanding of the non‐technical barriers and act upon it to support business and exploitation.
  • Intellectual asset management with the objective to reach Freedom‐to‐operate.

The WP supports the specific objective of UNITED‐GRID to secure that more than 2/3 of the solutions which have been positively validated for their business and technical potential during the demonstration activities will result in a credible business plan for commercialisation.

The outreach objectives:

To provide a robust mechanism and activities for efficient dissemination. To communicate towards the stakeholders, e.g. regulatory bodies, support structures, distribution system operators (DSOs) and the public. To support the exploitation of the solutions into markets by:

  • Coordinating the overall dissemination and communication strategy in conjunction with out‐reach and exploitation.
  • Networking within the end user, technical and scientific communities by stakeholder events and cross-cutting issue workshops.
  • Supporting the implementation of project results into case studies and applications, promoting the transfer of their results to industrial applications.

The work package is responsible to meet the following specific objectives:

  • At least 2/3 of the UNITED‐GRID’s results which have positively validated business and technical potential will have an agreed and financed development process for the next Technology Readiness Level (TRL) as well as a commercialisation strategy to reach market impact.
  • UNITED-GRID will take part in third‐party interaction activities, where markets actors – including aggregators, operators – will have the possibility to develop services and products built into the UNITED‐GRID tool‐box.
  • At least 40 potential actors in Europe will have in‐depth understanding of UNITED‐GRID solutions and their benefits.
  • The UNITED‐GRID demonstrators will have had more than 100 visits from stakeholders, who have seen the UNITED‐GRID solution presented live.
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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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