Safe and secure real‐time monitoring, control and protection


This WP aims to take advantages of emerging technologies and available information data from both grid operators and end‐users to enhance protection and control functionalities to ensure grid safety and reliability.

The objectives of this WP are to:

  • To develop a dedicated measurement solution which is affordable to be implemented in a largescale
    of the intelligent distribution grid.
  • To provide tools for data integrity and synchronisation to improve real‐time system awareness for distribution system operators
  • To enhance protection schemes for intelligent distribution grid with increasing penetration of
    inverter‐based distributed energy resources (DERs).
  • To develop tools for real‐time operation and control coordination between inverter‐based DERs
    and advanced distribution management systems (DMS).
  • To optimal grid operation and enable self‐healing function to secured the grid under faulted

Description of work
As a part of this WP, an affordable and reliable measurement solution will be developed. When deploying in the distribution grid, data information from this type of sensor would be exploited not only at the local processing level but also to be integrated to enrich grid monitoring capability. Based on developed crossplatform in WP3, knowledge partners will work together with corresponding DSO partners to enhance realtime situational awareness of their grids based on real‐time data integrity and dynamic data analytics.

This will lay the foundation for enhancement of protection schemes from the inverter‐based DER level up to the distribution grid level. In addition, this WP aims to enhance resilience of the grid by implementing reconfiguration strategies for self‐healing after fault occurrences. Such protection and self‐healing tasks go hand‐in‐hand with real‐time control task to ensure grid safety and security at all time, thus realizing the future intelligent distribution grid which can function seamlessly with complete interoperability.

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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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