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Tool-box and cross-platform integration for demonstrator sites


This work‐package is designed to ensure a seamless integration of the tool‐box and cross‐platform into the existing distribution management system (DMS) system at the selected demonstration sites of the project. This work package is vital for achieving measureable objectives of the project, related to “Proof‐of‐concept and demonstration”.

The main objectives of this work‐package are to:

  • Provide an industrial open interface between the technical development (WP3‐WP5) and the demonstrators (WP7).
  • Shorten the “time‐to‐market”, by early‐stage integration between UNITED‐GRID solutions and market of DMS‐providers.

Description of work
This work‐package will set the boundary conditions for, and development of, the tool‐box and the cross-platform. The WP will take inputs from WPs 4‐5 and adapt the solutions to enable an integration to the demonstration sites. Different ways of interfacing and communicating will be possible, e.g., web services, API, data base to data base, ftp exchanges, etc.

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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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