Demonstrators operations and assessments


The objectives of this WP are to coordinate and operate the selected demonstrators to maximise synergies and out‐come for the different solutions to be tested, as well as maturing the solutions TRL levels. In addition, a monitoring program will be developed for making systematic assessments of UNITED‐GRID solutions in the demonstrations.

The development of the demonstrator has been co‐financed significantly by other projects (FED project at Gothenburg and H2020 Interflex at Eindhoven) or directly by the local system operator (SOREA). Meanwhile, there is a significant in‐kind contribution from industry partners, such as SST with their first prototypes of LV modular sensors, or ATOS with Atos Smart Grid Suits
and Worldgrids platform.

It is expected that the UNITED‐GRID demonstrators will have had more than 100 visits from stakeholders to see UNITED‐GRID solution presented live via seminars and technical tours as part of disseminations and delegation activities.


DEMO‐1 Chalmers Campus, Gothenburg
  • Risk forecasting and optimal network management.
  • Advanced protection system for distribution grid with renewables and storage.
  • Real‐time monitoring and control system.
DEMO‐2 Strijp‐S, Eindhoven
  • Real‐time network monitoring.
  • Advanced protection schemes for active networks.
  • Automatic network reconfiguration.
  • Self‐healing networks.
DEMO‐3 St. Julien, St‐Jean‐de‐Maurienne
  • Real time control strategies, e.g. voltage control for Photovoltaic (PV)  and Energy Storage Systems (ESS).
  • Coordinated control strategies.
  • Real time network monitoring.
  • Self‐healing networks, including fault detection and localization.
  • Energy Management Strategies, e.g. new business models for minimise operation cost or maximise renewable energy usage.
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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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