Scenario descriptions for active distribution grid developments

This report presents the work of collecting near future (2025-2035) scenarios influencing the need and design of future intelligent distribution grids for different European markets: France, Netherlands and Sweden. The capabilities required by the DSOs to fulfil their obligations and requirements in the scenarios are elaborated. The main outcomes of the work are:

  • A collection of projections from national energy scenarios established in the literature and the industry affecting the future distribution grid.
  • A comparative analysis of scenarios and their impact on the different types of distribution grids (urban or rural grids, different countries, geographies and resources).
  • Showed that the scenarios’ projections exhibit impacts and challenges to the technical operation of the distribution grid and DSOs.
  • Defined the requirements needed by the DSOs to meet the expected evolution of the electricity system and ensure a safe, secure and efficient grid operation according to the different scenarios.
  • Demonstrated the need for new technical solutions on the distribution grid to meet the requirements and mapped them to the solutions developed by the UNITED-GRID project.
  • Showed that UNITED-GRID solutions are relevant to requirements of active distribution grids based on plausible future scenarios.


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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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