The UNITED-GRID team outside SOREA office.

Partners from the consortium had a meeting in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France, on November 27-28 2018. A lot of interestings perspectives came up during the workshops and discussions.

The participants also visited a hydroelectric power plant of SOREA to get a picture of the challenges that Distribution System Operators face when they want to have more renewable energy sources into the grid.


Visit at the hydro electric power plant.

Sylvain Berlioz, SOREA, interviewed by MaurienneTV.

Gilbert Court and Florian Paris, team from MaurienneTV.

Workshop on scenarios and pathways.

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Advanced functionalities

Advanced functionalities

Lucile Lemius, ATOS Worldgrid, explains the work with the UNITED-GRID tool-box and cross-platform integration for demonstrator sites.

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