Parts of the UNITED-GRID team met in Paris on March 5th to discuss exploitable results of the project. The aim was to find pathways that bring the solutions of the project closer to the market.

– We started by discussing the problems that distribution system operators have, for example how they can handle increased amount of renewable energy in the grid, and how we can solve their problems by providing advanced grid monitoring solutions, says Ulrika Wahlström, innovation manager at IMCG, a partner of UNITED-GRID.

Working together in projects has a lot of benefits, but also raises questions: Who owns the results? It is important to discuss and decide who owns the right to commercialize a product.

– One plus one is three. When developing something in collaboration, the outcome differs from what the partners have brought to the project in terms of knowledge, patents and work methods, says Ulrika Wahlström. It is very important to have a discussion about patents and intellectual property (IP). You will need to discuss these questions within the project and not when the project is finalized.

Also participants in the workshop Omar Mansour and Dennis Bijwaard from Smart State Technology stated.

– We have to work in partnership to reach the market, as we as a company can only provid a small part of a big solution. We are now looking on how we can build business cases for the advanced measurement solution, says Omar Mansour at Smart State Technology. The advanced measurement solution will provide real-time insight on what is happening on the grid and combined with intelligent software from us and partners we are able to provide interesting solutions that will improve stability, forecast, optimize and manage renewable energy generation in a more efficient way.

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If you have questions or comments about this, feel free to contact Ulrika Wahlström

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Advanced functionalities

Advanced functionalities

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This project has received funding from the European Community's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement 773717

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